INTER-EDU participated at the C2 training within BioFarm project which was held in the period from 26 to 30 of April 2019 in Adana, Turkey. The C2 was hosted by Cukurova University and included presentations  in organic farming and interdisciplinary sciences, and field-trips to organic dairy and orchard organic farms where consulting services were provided for the farmers.

During the C2, Marijana Dimitrova from Inter-Edu held a presentation titled: “Practical Application of Psycholinguistics: Agriculture and the Undergraduate” enhancing the aspects of communication and ethics in agriculture between academia, agricultural representatives and the farmers.

Together with professors PhD Isil Var and PhD Ufuk Gultekin from Cukurova University, INTER-EDU represented by Marijana Dimitrova participated in two meetings related to the upcoming international conference in agriculture AGRIBASE. The first meeting was held at the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey, where the Vice-Minister and the department for educational-scientific and consulting activities were informed about the conference and they expressed their support and willingness to join the board of members of the AGRIBASE conference.

The second meeting was held at the Rectorate of CU where together with the Vice-Rector PhD Seyhan Tuckel, the activities and organization of the conference were discussed.

AGRIBASE international conference in agriculture comes up as a sustainability activity of previous AGRIBASE project (2015-2017), BioFarm project and the AGRIBASE II project which is foreseen by the consortium. It was initiated by the BioFarm team and almost all the partners from the previous AGRIBASE consortium take part either within the organization or the scientific board. The mutual decision of the organizational board was the conference to be set up by Cukurova University. More information on the conference will follow in the upcoming period.


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