INTER-EDU members engage in international research projects around the globe, many of which are supported by international funding. The projects we work on expand our learning horizons and ensure we stay connected with top research talent and opportunities in the future. Our projects are on a wide range of topics, including agriculture, project management, linguistics, social and cultural differences.

List of projects:

“Fostering Online Operative Development for Agriculture Literacy and Learning” (FOOD4ALL) – Erasmus+

“Integrating Digital Innovations in Bee-keeping” (BEE-IN) – Erasmus+ 2021-1-EL01-KA220-VET-000025585

“Strenghtening Key Competences in Agriculture for Value Chain Knowledge” (SKILLS) – Erasmus+ 2021-1-EL01-KA220-HED-000023289

“Challenging of Pre-schools for Innovative and Creative Environment” (CHILD) – Erasmus+ K220 Action 2021-1-CY01-KA220-SCH-000023910

“Governance of Sustainability” (GOS)-Rural Development Program 2014-2020-Measure 19.3

“Fostering Agriculture Rural Development and Land Management” (FARM) – Erasmus+ K202 Action KA-203-5F979733

“Boosting Research Administration Skills and Services”  (ADMIN)- Erasmus+ K203 Action 2020-1-PL01-KA203-081530

“V4+WB Network of RMAs” – Visegrad Fund Project ID:22020021

“Boosting Adult Education in organic Farming” Bio-Farm 2018-1-TR01-KA204-058563 Erasmus+ programme

“Voice of Research Administrators” BESTPRAC #1302- COST programme

“Women-Cars-Culture: Women Empowerment Boosting Twinning Towns and Networking”- USA

“Boosting Adult System Education in Agriculture” 2015-1-МК01-КА204-002857 Erasmus+ programme (2015-2017)

“Erasmus+ K1 Action 256492-EPP-1-2014-1-MK-EPPKA3-ECHE (2011-2015)