This autumn we are kicking off with the FOOD4ALL Erasmus+ project. The project is coordinated by the University of the Aegean from Greece and implemented jointly with Inter-Edu from N Macedonia, University of Florence from Italy, University of Cyprus from Cyprus and the Elementary school from Keratini in Greece.

FOOD4ALL project idea is developed and fully signed by Inter-Edu and it is a brand new revolutionizing concept not only for countries in consortium, but on a European level. With this project we aim in promoting agriculture education among primary and secondary school students and educators with the eventual objective of raising awareness for needs and opportunities that sector of ag offers, increasing the number of future students at Faculties of Agriculture, providing for economic development at a country level by promoting a list of professional occupations in the ag sector. In that context FOOD4ALL aims at including agriculture in classroom as a pioneering pilot activity. Ag in classroom is a brand new concept with multiple effects:

-provides for innovative shifts in school education curricula by practicing STEAM approach;

-raises awareness for ag;

-opens career guidance for students by providing insight into ag career opportunities which are not only pure traditional farming (mostlyfound  un-attractive among youth);

-contributes to increase in the number of future students at Faculties of Ag.

For a successful implementation of FOOD4ALL the following activities will be organized:

  • Organization of 3 transnational meetings for the partnership;
  • Project management and quality assurance and monitoring activities.
  • Business of food- a module/learning courses.
  • Agri-Trekking Across Country- Open Educational Resource.
  • Food Innovations Hub- networking service.
  • Dissemination activities will be organized during entire project life-span.

In addition to the above given activities, national webinars will be organized by all partners, as well as an Ag Literacy Month which will be organized jointly by the FOOD4ALL partnership.


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