The second transnational meeting of the SKILLS project was held on 3d and 4th of November 2022 in Kaunas, Lithuania in a hybrid model. The meeting was opened by the project coordinator PhD Dimitris Sarris from the University of the Aegean, and the Dean of the Bioeconomy Development Faculty PhD Bernardas Vazonis. Team members from University of the Aegean, Harghita and VMU were present in person, while the team members from DARe, Inter-Edu and the rest of the University of the Aegean attended the meeting on-line. During the meeting the consortium discussed the development of the first project result led by VMU the Baseline study in agricultural typology which is expected to be finished by January 2023. PhD Antonio Stasi from DARe, Italy presented the second project result , the Digital course in green skills and shared the tasks among the partners. The consortium discussed the project results, the dissemination activities as well as the reporting documents. The in-person participants visited three farms as good example practices of circular agriculture. The next meeting of the SKILLS team will be held in Stip, North Macedonia and will be hosted by Inter-Edu.

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