On 30.03.2022 the Let’s GoS workshop will be organized within the working package 5 of the Governance of Sustainability (GoS) project-Rural Development Program 2014-2020-Measure 19.3. The workshop is focused on the best and good practices related to the development of local production chains and to the management and enhancement of natural and environmental resources. The aim of the workshop is to present the e-book which is the WP5 deliverable based on the previous research done, the project platform which should serve to facilitate the search for partners for future projects as well as collect good practices and act as an archive and a means of dissemination.

The workshop will be held on-site in Italy yet it will also available virtually. The event will be opened by the President of LAG Serre Calabresi Marzialle Battaglia and during the morning session the project coordinator Angelo De Lucca and Marya Manushkina from LAG Razlog will present introductory items. Within the morning session representatives from the political boards of the Calabria region, LAG Serre Calabresi from Italy and LAG Razlog from Bulgaria will have presentations. During the afternoon session the focus will be on the implementation of the GoS project. Marijana Dimitrova from Inter-Edu will present the Ag&ARD practices in North Macedonia through the prism of four projects: Fostering Agriculture and Rural Development (FARM), Strengthening Key Competences in Agriculture for Value Chain Knowledge (SKILLS), Integrating Digital Innovations in Bee-Keeping (BEE-IN) and Boosting Adult Education in Organic Farming (Bio-Farm). The idea is to present the outcomes and expected results of these projects and to consider them for further development of the work by the GOS partnership in the field of agriculture sustainability and maintenance. Marya Manushkina will give a presentation on the project outcomes while Giamperro Pirro will provide an outlook on the e-book.

Within the GoS project the partnership has already completed a research on good practices concerning the local production chains present on the Calabrian territory and on the Razlog territory, and on the management and enhancement of environmental and natural resources. The project results will be available on the project platform which will be linked to the partner’s website. The full workshop agenda is available below.



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