BEE-IN (2021-1-EL01-KA220-VET-000025585)  is a new project of Inter-Edu which starts this March and will pioneer with digitalization in the bee-keeping in the Mediterranean countries. The consortium of BEE-IN will be lead by the University of the Aegean from Greece as coordinator together with Inter-Edu from North Macedonia, University of Cyprus from Cyprus and DARe from Italy. The kick-off meeting is scheduled for March the 30th. The objective of BEE-IN is to boost knowledge and technology transfer in the apiculture sector. The possibility to increase the level of information available to apiculture practitioners about new technologies and training is directly linked to sectorial investments, economic and environmental efficiency and sustainability, food healthiness and safety as well as the ability to compete in the international market area. The scientific development complements this objective by focusing on knowledge share and fostering the technology and innovations in apiculture.

BEE-IN project is focused on innovative approaches to knowledge exchange that were taking advantage of new digital technologies, and that were based on synergies between information management and communication for development. Its objective is to foster the introduction of the digital training in apiculture by bringing relevant expertise and resources across the international development community into a more coherent and systematic approach. In order to contribute to the digital training, BEE-IN project defined three intellectual outputs for introduction, popularization and application of the digital training in apiculture and AE, which will be followed by organization of a digital training in a form of webinars based on the training materials created within the intellectual outputs. BEE-IN resembles a unique project which is innovative in its nature with a direct impact on creation of national apiculture training programs. It aims to trigger higher level of knowledge, skills and application with reference to use of ICT in AE and training in apiculture. Henceforth, BEE-IN connects key HEIs, AEs and industry learning communities’ participants in the process of co-creating and testing new digital training methods and practices, initiating professional pitch competitions (hackathons), and spinning off a distinctive regional education-business collaboration platform. On the impact level boosted ICTs use in apiculture underpins sustainable rural development, increases resilience of rural families, improves access of bee[1]keepers to needed services, and further empowers adult educators for developing new, competitive digital training programs.

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