Inter-Edu was formed on 27.12.2017 by five enthusiastic members willing to apply their knowledge and skills to improve the quality of education, to deepen the science and to establish and maintain cooperation.

Today Inter-Edu has a total of 13 members working in four sectors:

-sector for educational and scientific projects,

-sector for legal affairs,

-sector for finance.

-publishing department with website and web statistics.

Inter-Edu actively participates in five projects and an additional three selected in the past competition which implementation begins in February 2022. The annual statistics showed that 84% of the Inter-Edu project applications have been approved and are in the process of implementation. Throughout its existence, Inter-Edu has participated in workshops in the field of project management and food business, and has established cooperation with 21 institutions. Since 2020, Inter-Edu has begun the process of registering a branch in Toronto, Canada.

Today, the team of Inter-Edu is celebrating the success and approaching towards more positive outcomes of its work. Each success is a story of another good collaboration, stronger friendships with colleagues around the world, and an invaluable contribution to science for both the present and the future generations.

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