Within KA220-SCH Cooperation partnerships in school education the project “Challenging of pre-schools for innovative and creative environment” CHILD was granted on the Erasmus+ call 2021. The project is contributing to innovative curriculum and training in pre-school education which will be made through the following project results:

PR1. Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) Handbook and Training for Pre-school Teachers;

PR2. Applied DAP Activities and Educative Digital Resource Library

PR3. CHILD Innovative and Creative Web-Based Digital Environment.

National webinars as the method of training are foreseen for the target beneficiaries based on the above project results, as well as a large scale media event for dissemination of the project results. With the implementation of the CHILD project, the consortium undertakes an innovative approach to introducing digitalization in kindergartens and preparing the pre-school teachers for new teaching methodologies and practices. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program for Strategic Partnerships by the Cyprus National Agency and will be implemented mutually by the University of Cyprus from Cyprus, Association for Internationalization in Education and Science Inter-Edu from North Macedonia, University of Western Macedonian from Greece, Technical Vilnius Gediminius University from Lithuania, Fraud Line Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Services from Greece.

The main expectation of the CHILD project is the introduction of ICT tools in pre-school, capacity building of preschool staff skill development and professionalization, boosting their image in the society as well as enabling them to apply innovative approaches in kindergarten teaching methodologies for providing efficient modern education of children.

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