Inter-Edu is among the partners of the Conference Board of the International conference in agriculture- AgriBase. The conference board has just announced the Call for papers for this year and more information can be found at

AgriBase conference popped up from the Boosting Adult System Education in Agriculture-Erasmus+ project, as a sustainable activity of the project team. This year the conference will be hosted by DARe Puglia from Italy. The international dimension of the conference is obtained by involving HEIs from various countries and continents: DARe Puglia (Italy), Inter-Edu (North Macedonia), Step+ (Austria), Technical University of Cartagena (Spain), University of Florence (Italy) , University of Algarve (Portugal), University of the Aegean (Greece) Wisconsin University (USA), Murdoch University (Australia).

The deadline for sending Abstracts is 30.11.2020.

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