Boosting Research Administration Skills and Services- ADMIN 2020-1-PL01-KA203-081530 is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project signed by Inter-Edu. The project is funded by the Polish National Agency and its implementation starts this October. ADMIN will be coordinated by the University of Lodz from Poland and its consortium includes Inter-Edu from North Macedonia, Harz University of Applied Sciences from Germany, Slovenian Forestry Institute from Slovenia and Vilnius Gediminus Technical University from Lithuania.

ADMIN foresees one media event and two training schools as part of its activities.  The available educational programmes in the field of project management and research administration comply only in limited extent with competences and knowledge needed by support staff and the need for extensive additional training in this field is evident.

ADMIN project addresses this issue through providing upgrade of professional competences of research administrator’s staff by elaborating a project toolkit in project management (IO1) with an aspect on ethics and enhancing the soft communication skills as well as providing a training in this field. Additionally, ADMIN develops a self-study learning tool “Alone in the office” in a form of video material (IO2). In order to connect the various stakeholders and strengthen the linkages between the higher educations and the economy, ADMIN creates a Baseline study on knowledge transfer market (IO3).

The main objective of the project is to contribute to capacity building of research support staff and enhancing the prospect for R&I projects and initiatives in European funding schemes.ADMIN’s outcomes will be published on the EPALE and the partners’ websites.

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