In the period of 6-10 March 2019, INTER-EDU hosted the C1 training on the topic “Organic Farming and Interdisciplinary Approaches” within BioFarm project. The training activities covered various topics in organic farming as: organic animal breeding, agro-economy aspects on organic farming in terms of profitability, economic feasibility and sustainable organic farming but also enhancing the linguistic skills at the class of English for Agricultural purposes. In order to provide for efficient training and a best share of practices, the participants at the training were divided into four groups which were rotating. Besides the in-classroom activities, the participants had two field studies at the bee-keeping farm and the vineyards. C1 training contributed to networking among participants and share of best practices and experiences even also during informal coffee meetings.

The deliverables of the C1 training are:

-created draft business plan on bee-keeping farm;

-created draft business plan on orchard farm (apricots);

-set up business model in wine and viticulture.

Within the C1 training, the academic staff deeply discussed the idea of setting up an international agricultural conference AGRIBASE and made the draft plan. More information on the conference will follow via our dissemination methods.

The participants also had the chance to learn of the cultural heritage of Macedonia and visited the ancient town of Bargala and the geo-park of Lesnovo.

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