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Inter-Edu is  a non-profit association acting in the field of science and education. It was established with a mission to strengthen the education and science through internationalization, networking, share of best practices, and modernization.

Based on educational and scientific commitment Inter-Edu’s activities focus on but are not limited to : participation at scientific projects and research, preparation of project applications, services related to pre-award and post-award stage of project implementation, boosting internationalization in science and education, promoting networking and share of best practices, organization, administration and participation at scientific events (seminars, conferences, training schools). Inter-Edu works on project applications preparation and implementation as either the author (in which case fully holds the authorship rights) or as a partner institution. The services provided by Inter-Edu which are a subject of copyrights include full preparation of project applications, authorship of books and other intellectual material. Inter-Edu is the copyright holder until it is transfers the copyright to another party in a signed agreement. In cases of granted projects where Inter-Edu is the author of the project application, Inter-Edu warrants for the creation of work and owns the full copyright. In specific cases over Inter-Edu’s intellectual property disputes with third parties as direct beneficiaries, Inter-Edu is entitled to royalties related to the intellectual property.©

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Note from the President

Welcome to shaping INTER-EDU’s Path- the strategic plan of INTER-EDU, launched at a time of renewal as we embark on our next century as a prospective association.

Our plan focuses on three themes that we believe are critical to society today: inclusion, collaboration and innovation. This plan describes the strong connections between these themes and the core areas that define what we do as an association: people and places, research excellence, transformative learning, local and global engagement.

Path plan outlines our ambitions through a series of strategies and four areas that we feel have significant transformational potential:

  • Collaborative clusters — interdisciplinary research clusters focusing on problems of educational and society importance.
  • Great people — nurturing our global community of staff. Enhancing inclusion within the INTER-EDU community and deepening our engagement with Indigenous partners.
  • Innovative pedagogy — enriching experiential learning and research opportunities as ways to master valuable competencies.
  • Thriving partnership communities — focusing on the wellbeing of our community, including sustainability and connectivity with our partners.

Shaping Inter-Edu’s Path will guide our decisions, actions and interactions into the future, and will create a framework for resource allocation across the association. I am proud of the way our association has come together to create the direction and spirit so evident in this plan.

To the many individuals who contributed their perspectives and passion to this effort, I offer my deepest thanks.

Marijana Dimitrova

President and CEO




INTER-EDU’s Path Strategic Plan  ©

Our Focus:

Participation in national and international science and research projects
identifying and taking advantage of global education trends and issues;
Strengthening ties between knowledge and society;
Boosting internationalization in science and education
Promoting networking and share of best practices;
Organization, administration and participation in national and international scientific events (conferences, seminars, training schools)

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